A key ingredient that does the opposite of caffeine will finally help you look and feel your best

Burning the last pounds of fat or revving up for the workout you’re about to begin are the reasons why you should be using Ener-G Xtreme. User’s on average report a loss of 9 pounds before they finish the bottle. Strength and focus is needed during those workouts, and some key ingredients offer that as well as elevated energy so that you can endure that workout. The lifestyle of being fit and looking fit is a lifestyle that everyone is following more each and every day. Being and looking healthy and fit is what all of us want to attain. It can be harder for some of us who do not have gifted genes, but using an effective product like Ener-G Xtreme can push you to the level that you cannot attain with your natural ability. This is why we designed Ener-G Xtreme for everyone who is looking for that edge.

Replaces energy drinks and coffee

You don’t have to use it for a work out or fat loss. Ener-G drinks and coffee are the go to products of today for added pick me up and alertness. Our product says it in the name “Ener-G Xtreme”. It can’t be anymore clearer than that. We all want that pick me without the fall at the end. This does not have that crash. This tapers off nice and slow where you can’t even notice. That is how it’s supposed to be and feel. Drinks are full of sugar and empty calories that defeat the purpose. Coffee is expensive if you add it all up at the end of the week, not to mention more empty calories.

EnerG Xtreme is considered the best supplement for fat burning!

This new formula has been the best to date. We strive in designing the strongest fat burning supplement. Also, we focus on the safest fat burner. But most of all the most effective fat burning / energy supplement. It is hard work but, you deserve the results you have come to expect with all of your hard work, especially if you are at the point where no more pounds are coming off any longer.

We all hit that wall where nothing seems to work anymore… until we use a weight loss supplement that works in the real world. This is where EnerG Xtreme comes in. Get rid of the coffee which is expensive. Get rid of the energy drinks which are even more expensive. Do your self a favor for once, save money, save time in the gym and use EnerG Xtreme. You will see the effects the very first time you use it, guaranteed. We have put a lot of research and development behind each ingredient. We are so confident in EnerG Xtreme that we back it up by a 100% money back guarantee. Use it once and you’re hooked.




Key factors in EnerG Xtreme:

  • Key ingredient is a vasodilator and not a vasoconstrictor like caffeine is a huge difference and benefit
  • Clean burning and just the right amount of pick me up to take you along your days challenges
  • Increased stamina
  • Replaces your morning coffee and energy drinks
  • Real fat burning formula
  • Does not make you feel jittery
  • Perfect ratio of ingredients that truly deliver fat burning
  • Increased focus in each workout
  • Energy throughout the day
  • No crash and burn effect
  • Best formula to date


Q: Who should use Ener-G Xtreme ?
A: You. And anyone who is looking for immediate energy, fat loss or weight loss and performance enhancement in any sport or activity where appropriate.

Q: Name one active ingredient that makes this product different or special
A: Cocoa extract 10% Theobromine

Q: What’s so special about having this ingredient in the Ener-G Xtreme formula ?
A: This will blow you away and have you really thinking about the “others”. As you know, caffeine is a vaso-constrictor and is in every energy drink and weight loss product. Cocoa extract works like caffeine, but it is a vaso-dialator. What this means is that it dilates (expands) the blood vessels where as caffeine makes them smaller. Not what you want happening inside. It also has a lesser impact on the human central nervous system. We also know now that eating dark chocolate may give you these same effects and has been determined that eating cocoa or dark chocolate increases nitric oxide. This is completely the opposite of what the industry has been doing and now you can see what the difference is and why we designed it this way.

Q: How much should I expect to lose ?
A: On average most users have lost 9 pounds with one single bottle. As always, results may vary but you may be one of those who benefit greatly.

Q: Does this make me jittery, or crash a few hours later ?
A: No, because of the ingredients. They were carefully chosen to get rid of those unwanted side effects that other products give. Ener-G Xtreme is truly unique in many ways, and these two concerns were addressed in the design of the product.

Q: How many days does a bottle last ?
A: 30 days if used as directed.


“…Thanks MX for EnerG Xtreme.  One week and I’m down 3 notches on my belt.  9 pounds total which I’ve never been able to do.  Very happy with it.  Why 4 stars ?  Cause nothing is perfect.  Only thing I didn’t like was that it made me sweat too much, but I guess that could be seen as a good thing too.”
Mark P. Hamilton
New Jersey
4 Stars
“My wife took this stuff and man and am I happy she listened to me.  She kept bitching about her baby weight not going away.  I had used it myself and really was pleased with my results so I figured she would to.  I think she lost like 16 pounds with one bottle which is great, but she needs those last 5 or so pounds, so we need to get some more.  thanks from the both of us.
Jill and Steve R.
Lincoln, OK
4 Stars

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