Classic Bodybuilding Stack

All body builders have only one thing in common and that is this stack,  The HGH and Testosterone Stack.

Learn why our hGH Xtreme – Growth Hormone Inducer and Test Xtreme Testosterone Booster products are among the Best Transdermal Supplementsand the strongest ways you can change the way you look.

Product 1: hGH Xtreme – Human Growth Hormone Inducer

Elevating your igf-1 levels is the Main Indicator of high levels of HGH..

Imagine, with raised igf-1 levels you could stop or even reverse the aging process and feel alive.

Plus, igf-1 / Human Growth Hormone helps:

  • Build more lean muscle mass
  • Burn stubborn body fat
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase your sexual vitality
  • Increase your stamina & endurance
  • Cell & organ regeneration
  • Elevate mood & your positive well being
  • Enjoy more restful sleep
  • Muscle Building / Fat Burning / Increased Energy / Weight Loss / Anti-Aging / Increased Sexual Function /

Consider The Following When Deciding on an Effective and Tested hGH Product:

    • Do igf-1 levels remain elevated over 2 hours a day?
    • What is the monthly cost? More than $200 to $500 a month?
    • Is the monthly cost around $20 to $40? Then you better ask yourself if it will even work!
    • Will you see results in as little as 36 hours?
    • Is food restriction required?
    • Is the clinical rating at least 87% to 94% effective?
    • Do actual blood tests show enhanced igf-1?
    • Is it manufactured under an FDA-approved facility in the U.S.A?
  • Does it use lab tested ingredients that stimulate the pituitary and liver?
    • Beware of Very Low Priced hGH Products!    

        • Product 2:  Test Xtreme – Transdermal Testosterone Cream

    Test Xtreme Helps You Gain More Muscle Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

    It’s no secret that professional body builders use steroids and hGH products to build massive amounts of muscle. However, less is known about how they have degraded their genetic pool and by doing so they are forever dependent on using steroids, because without them they can never be able to build new or more muscle mass.

    Luckily we have the solution to your body building gains without the sacrifice of your DNA.


    Aren’t You Tired of Gaining Muscle During a Cycle and Then Just Losing it When You Finish The Bottle ?

    You need to start thinking differently about building muscle. You must realize that every product out there does not make your gains last forever.

    When you stop using creatine, what happens ? You shrink. Yo-yo dieting is exactly the same thing. Up and down with your gains and you can’t seem to keep it on your frame. You work out so hard and look really good, but the gains are short lived. Do you want to stop the vicious cycle of yo-yo muscle building ?


    There is Only One Thing That Builds Muscle and That is Testosterone. Test Xtreme Guarantees Huge, Fast Results.

    Now you can experience the new way of building Long Lasting Muscle Gains without risking your health, and your hard earned muscle (not to mention your money). We have created a new paradigm in muscle building. One that is created through nature, by the laws of nature which allows you to Keep Maximum Muscle Mass.

    We can’t say it enough. You can finally begin to grow fast, naturally and safely month after month.

    So What Can You Expect ?

      • One bottle of Test Xtreme will last 30 days – Yes, a full month of Muscle Building Testosterone Cream in a bottle.
      • Increased Muscle Mass – Increased size in your arms, chest, legs. May be up to 1″ to 2-1/2″ total.
      • Incredible Strength – You’ll either add weight, reps or both within just 5 days of using.
      • Increased Definition – Quality mass, not just bulk, well defined muscle. You’ll look even bigger.
      • Increased Vascularity – Cuts, Veins popping, sinewy effect. You’ll be accused of juicin.
      • Incredible Pumps – The blood flow going to the muscle you’re working on is awesome and addictive.
      • Increased Metabolic Rate – Make sure you eat, eat, eat and then eat some more cause you’ll only get bigger without the fat at the same time.
      • Improved Frame of Mind / Clarity – Positive attitude, sharper thinking, improved mental function.
      • Improved Recuperation – Train hard and intense, you’ll recoup faster and hit it harder each time.
      • Sexual Stamina – Tell your wife or girlfiend to watch out.
      • Fat Loss – Lose the gut, gain rock hard abs. Everything just looks much better without the layer of fat hiding it.
      • Benefits Hardgainers and Hard Core Veterans – It will work for everyone.
    • Synergistic – These compounds do not compete with one another. They work best synergistically.


    Stuck in a Muscle Building Plateau ? Then You Must Use Test Xtreme to Push You Over That Sticking Point

    You train hard and smart, but you have been stuck at the same body weight and bench the same for weeks or months now. What you need is a boost of testosterone to push you over that wall you just can’t seem to get over.


    Test Xtreme Will Change The Way You Think About The New Generation of Body Building Supplements.

    You should not be losing size when you finish a bottle of supplements. You should continue to build muscle month after month. With the transdermal formulation found in Test Xtreme, you will clearly see that this is hardcore, but yet leaves you with no side effects.

    This is our “Cycle #1″ for those of you who are using all 3 of our testosterone muscle building products. All three boost testosterone but in different ways and use different receptor sites. You must cycle your testosterone boosters in order to benefit long term.


    30 Day Supply For Each Product and Save Over $20.00 Off The Retail Price.

    Why should you use hGH Xtreme and Test Xtreme together? They complement one another in the sense that Test Xtreme enhances your natural testosterone and allows for the enhanced growth process of muscle in a different way than growth hormone.

    igf-1 induces more growth hormone and more growth hormone means more muscle and less fat. Besides, with the anti-aging benefits of igf-1, we know that all professional body builders cannot compete in the top 10 if they do not use igf-1 Human Growth Hormone. That is a fact!

    Read below and look throughout our site on each product page for more extensive information on what each product does to enhance your performance.

    You can’t go wrong buy using both of these products together. Many unsure customers ask us, what is the best thing out there that they can use since pro hormones are gone. Without pause, we tell them the hGH & Testosterone stack is the way to go.