Fat burning, muscle building & hGH supplements

It is possible to work in building muscle in tandem with fat burning using the right diet and exercises plus the correct hGH supplements.  Yes, you can if you know how to do it the right way.  So we both know that diet and exercise is essential and you can’t succeed without those two things in your daily routine and life style, correct ?  Muscle building is harder than burning fat.  It’s true !  Age, sex, and metabolism do play rolls in this of course.

So, eating 5 to 6 protein rich meals with some carbs preferrably in veggie form is as easy as that.  You already know this correct ?  Changing up your routine is super key because you’re trying to keep the muscle, but burn the fat.  Focus more on the muscle building portion of your workouts.  More muscle building leads to a faster metabolism.  A faster metabolism leads to fat burning.  Easy right ?

As you know muscle weighs more than fat because it is more dense and tends to retain more fluids which give them the fuller look.  When focusing on just the fat burning workouts, you lean out and look more cut because you are sweating out most of the fluids in which hopefully you are replenishing during the day.  Speaking of hydration.  Staying well hydrated is also a biggie in keeping your muscle building in check along with your fat buying goals.  We are 75% water and being well hydrated is key to brain function, muscle contraction to avoid cramps and especially your heart.  Your heart in turn is making more red blood cells and in turn is keeping all of your intestines, liver, kidneys, skin all working at their optimum levels.

Okay, so hGH.  Why and what is hGH human growth hormone and why does it help in muscle building and fat burning ?  It stimulates the pituitary gland which produces the hGH – human growth hormone.  It of course like anything else declines every decade of our lives.  We wrinkle, go grey, not as strong and energetic as we use to be.  Now of course this is all in a nutshell and this blog article will not get into it in that much detail.  Although you can read a lot of info. here: http://muscleextreme.com/ghx-hgh-stimulator/#description

So, we covered changing up the way you exercise.  Medium to higher reps till burn out and failure a la Mike Mentzer. Please tell me you know who is ?  Also, we covered the general way to eat and drinking a lot of H2O (water).  You have to visit our site and click on the link we provided for the added power list of benefits to our hGH formula.  It will tell you how and why this formula is the way to succeed in your quest of burning fat and muscle building using the correct supplements and that is our own natural hGH stimulant GHX human growth hormone.  Approaching all of your goals correctly and choosing the right supplements for each goal is an insurance to reaching your success in fat burning and muscle building.

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Keep your muscle while burning fat.

Muscle Building Supplements that work

Finally muscle building supplements that work and give you the results you always have expected. Why is it so hard to build muscle ? Aren’t all of these muscle supplements supposed to work ? You should be hug by now with all of these muscle building supplements on the market. The technology today renders way better results than 20-30 years ago. Gone are the days of drinking a dozen raw eggs down the gullet a la Rocky balboa.
Muscle building Supplements are a dime a dozen. So why should you be paying attention to what is being written here about muscle building supplements ? A few real world reasons. One: We care and give a damn. We put in the time it takes to really put the right formula together. It takes true dedication to formulate the perfect ratios which do no harm, but only good.
two: Absorption technology cannot be ignored nor underestimated in any muscle building formula. We talking serious stuff here. We don’t take our place in building muscle lightly. We use our own products and we can see and feel our muscles grow along with you. Or if we messed up during our testing phases on our muscle supplements we keep working hard in perfecting the formula.
3: we want you to become a believer and reach your goals, plane and simple my friend. You want to build muscle. You work hard and spend a lot of money on some of these muscle building supplements. You hope that they all could work but they don’t. You get discouraged and you think the muscle building supplement industry is a scam. But that is what this article is about. Trust that we as an individual company cares about results. If you don’t get results, you will tell the world and bad mouth us right ? So why would we just gather low grade muscle building ingredients and throw all together and hope for some sort of positive outcome ? It doesn’t make sense, nor wise business sense correct ?
We want you to come back and tell all of your muscle building buddies that we are for real and that our muscle supplements work and do what they say. Why do we offer a money back guarantee ? You have nothing to lose. We want you to gain or build muscle. We want you to succeed. We want you to burn the belly fat and show off your new body. We want you to have a good positive outlook of yourself. All of these these are positive and can and will only help you succeed in the muscle building game. You work your butt off, and you deserve a support system that will work and does work. Muscle building supplements that work do exist. You have come to the right place. Pick your goal, and pick your supplement or muscle building stack and we got your back. You have what it takes and so do we.
Great success to you my friend. You have hit the bullseye with us.

Male hormones. Enhance sexual performance with muscle building supplements

Enhance male hormones and sexual performance with muscle building supplements. They are all related. Lift heavy weights, exercise in any way to build muscle and you also stand a very good positive chance in enhancing the male hormones with testosterone building exercises. Yes, it can be that simple if you’re a healthy young enough person. But if you’ve hit that wall and it’s been months or years since you’ve seen any sign of effective muscle building or fat burning and worse yet sexual performance. Then you may have low T. Luckily we live in an era of advanced muscle building supplements aka testosterone boosters aka sexual performance enhancers. How many radio ads or even watching late night cable have you seen or heard people selling sexual enhancers ? To be honest with you, we didn’t know it was such a problem.
We just developed great muscle building supplements without focusing one the male hormones and sexual performance aspect of it. So to be straight up with you we had a nice surprise when customers were telling us that they were feeling extra “horny” while on our muscle building supplements. Our muscle builders truly stimulate the male hormones in such a way that we see many clients build real muscle. The great side effect to these muscle building supplements is that they enhance the sexual performance of the male hormones.
Imagine getting both benefits with our muscle building supplements ? One of course is muscle building. The 2nd is losing weight in the way of fat burning and a better metabolism. The third and for some almost most important is that the enhance the sexual performance of the male hormones. A great 1,2,3 punch in feeling great, looking awesome, and getting some action.
So which muscle building supplement do we recommend for these three benefits ? For the best sexual performance enhancer would be our Muscle Surge

2nd best sexual enhancer come as a tie. Both muscle building supplements Test Xtreme and MX3 Xtreme both stimulate the male hormones in different pathways. But bottom line the outcome is similar and we feel is all that matters here. But, don’t forget that it is super important to cycle on and off each product. This is why we sell 3 testosterone boosters on our muscle building supplement line. It is a very good idea to start with one, use it for a month and switch to the next and to the next for continues muscle building and performance without interruption. If the pros cycle their illegal muscle building products, why don’t you ? This is why MuscleXtreme supplements carries 3 for muscle building supplements for the best performance month after month.


Male hormones and sexual performance enhancer.

Build strength and muscle in one week with the right bodybuilding supplements

Build strength and muscle with the right body building supplements in one week IS possible. Strength is the first sign that your body gives you that you are actually building muscle. Building muscle is harder to do than burn fat or lose weight. What is the most important thing to building muscle ? There is more than just one thing to building muscle. Like everything, you need to follow a a course of actionable steps to help you reach your muscle building goals.

First of course is your diet. Eat the right amount of the right kind of foods to feed your muscle growth and allow for muscle to be packed on your frame. We won’t get into the details with this blog about the right kind of foods, but you pretty much know that protein is top on the list. Protein builds muscle and muscle is protein correct ? Not just whey, real food like meat, fish, eggs, etc. Exercise and not just any exercise.

Strength building exercises are key. The big three are bench, squats, and the most neglected dead lifts. These big three involve the most muscles in one movement. The largest muscles of the body are involved and require the most calories and most energy exertion. Done properly and with enough rest you can and will see strength gains almost immediately.

Strength building supplements are the key to getting past the sticking point of a plateau. If you focus on testosterone boosting supplements such as MX3
Test Xtreme and muscle surge all three focus on immediate strength gains in which most or all users see in the very first week. Yes, in todays body building supplement world there are products that actually do work and you can see and feel the muscle building and strength building effects the very first week. It is possible. We couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. This is also why we carry a money back guarantee.

Build strength and muscle today. It’s not that difficult once you implement the right strategy and plan to build new muscle and strength. Follow our plan and our body building supplements line up and you will see and feel a difference in just a week. Keep it up and you will be another believer in what we make and offer all of our hard working body builders. Thanks again for reading and spread the word to all of your friends who are looking for the same thing as you. Build strength and muscle the quicker, smarter way with MuscleXtreme Supplements.


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Is it low “T” ? The secret to breaking your plateau is simply using the right testosterone booster

Is it Low “T” ? Low testosterone can be a very depressing ailment. Men suffer low testosterone usually because of age or even diet. This causes a plateau in muscle building or even fat loss. Having a healthy level of testosterone helps in building muscle and fat burning. Men at their 30’s begin to see a dip in testosterone levels and begin to see the first signs of hitting a wall or plateau in the way of results. This frustrates you and you ask yourself is there a solution to my low T ? Low testosterone can be corrected and brought back to non low T levels. Healthy testosterone levels will help with muscle building and fat burning. Muscle Xtreme Supplements carries 3 low T busters. Testosterone boosters that truly work. Let’s focus on just one in order to not bore you with the facts, but to give you useful info. you can use and decide for yourself.
Say good bye to your low T levels and say hello to our very own Test Xtreme. Testosterone xtreme is a capsule based testosterone booster which does not need any post therapy and will not shut off your own testosterone production even if you do have low T.
We designed this for you who has not seen the same results in the past 3 to 6 months. But even if you don’t have low T, this is perfectly fine for you to use safely and effectively.
What makes this different and so special as a low T / testosterone booster ?
All of the main key ingredients work together and give you a very gradual testosterone boost. Muira puama benefits are extensively researched and has been found to work on libido and sexual function hence the low T booster recommendation. It increases blood flow and enhances sexual stimulation. Yes, this may be able to be considered an aphrodisiac which the bottom line here is to boost low T symptoms into healthy testosterone levels so that you can break through your plateau in muscle building and fat burning. Test Xtreme really helps your low T and or even boosts healthy testosterone levels. The strength gains are awesome and can be felt in just the first week. Truly incredible and powerful. You owe it to yourself to try our very own Test Xtreme.

Build muscle mass fast – 30 day muscle building stack

Everyone wants fast results.  The No. 1 question we get is “How do I build muscle mass fast” ?  Not sure if its society in general but we all seem to have less time to commit to anything anymore.  Attention spans are shorter than ever.  If we’re avoiding eye contact from one another because we have some sort of device smack dab in front of our mugs, we just ignore the time wasted being “social” to a gadget instead of one another.  And we all justify it some how or another.  Okay, that’s a rant for another day. But it does start the conversation as to why we are so impatient.  With one another and for the goals we set out for our selves such as building muscle mass or losing weight etc. etc.  In reality losing weight is faster and easier than building muscle mass as a general rule.

For most of us we can lose the extra 10 to 5 pounds much easier than it is to build real lean muscle mass without the fat.  It takes more effort and time and the diet is one where a calorie counts for much more than any other time in a healthy life cycle.  Building muscle mass truly is a difficult endeavor and I think this is why traditional workouts have become a thing of the past in some ways.  Tough mudders, and cross fit training is the new way to build a healthy lean muscle mass fast approach body.   Yes the gyms are full of dumbbells and exercise equipment reminiscent of the Arnold days at Golds gym Venice.  But what also has been thrown into the mix are more and more females are present in the gyms adding to the long lines for the bench press machine.  So, building muscle mass fast has hit both sexes now and no longer is it looked upon as just a “guys” sport.  Even female MMA fighters are entering that “arena”. Some are even taking papetides. It’s about time we see more women at the dark corner of the gym where just dudes hung out.  For years, my girlfriend and I (now my wife) would workout together as a team.  She was always only one of a hand full of women who worked out seriously.  Butt floss and all, she was there right with me.  Encouraging me and pushing my limits.  Those were the days.  Now we both have busy lives and have different schedules, but continue to work out for ourselves, but never missing a good muscle mass building workout.

Build muscle mass fast is the name of the game now.  We here at Muscle Extreme Supplements are well aware of the newest trends and what the new market is expecting and asking for.  Not only are all of our muscle building supplements guaranteed to work, we have constructed a fast mass muscle builder stack called  Build muscle mass fast in 30 days

With this stack you can be sure to see the results you have been looking for the very first week.  The name of this post is – Build muscle mass fast – We promise results the first week and we guarantee results period in 30 days.  Use these products as directed and without fail and you are assured to see results no matter what.  Of course, you must do your part as well.  Such as working out duuuuh.  And eating correctly is a must, but you’re already doing that of course.  But let’s say you’re new to working out ?  Or if you haven’t been working out for months or even a year.  Just you wait.  This stack has got you covered.  You’ll build muscle mass fast and in no time what so ever.  Do your part and the muscle mass building will begin very fast.  You can do it and we know you can.  Don’t give up and don’t be so impatient.  You can because we’ve got your back.

We are here to help you build muscle mass fast – In fitness and in health Muscle Extreme Supplements.

build muscle mass fast

Dont be so impatient. You can do it one rep at a time.

Muscle Building Routine

Yes, routines we all have them.  Just the word routine sounds mundane and tiresome doesn’t it ?  Okay, so the kind of muscle building routine we will be focusing in on is the supplementation routine (surprise, surprise)

Seriously we feel very strong about this topic and want to really shed some light on a routine, ritual, or whatever you want to call it.  A supplementation routine for building muscle is mega important to reach your muscle building endeavors through out the year.  I feel if you really thought about the importance of this muscle building routine, you’ll really implement it in your life if you haven’t already.

Let’s start with breakfast and which supplements you should be taking starting at breakfast, then lunch, snacks, dinner etc.  Vit. D and a multi vitamin is great to start with in the morning.  Snacks should be a healthy snack like fruits, or a shake with protein which all contain vital nutrients that keeping you going throughout the day.  Snacking is the danger zone when it’s easy to choose chips, or cookies instead of a good healthy snack.  Grocery stores are full of isles with nutritious alternatives, so choose wisely.   Your abs and heart will thank you for it.

Muscle Building routine

muscle building routine

muscle building has its rewards-MuscleXtreme Supplements

Muscle building routine for your muscle building workout.  Supplements like testosterone boosters, creatine, nitric oxide, fat burners, or even coffee can be taken before a muscle building workout routine.  The supplements should focus on the desired outcome or end results.  Are you dieting, or building ?  Each supplement should be carefully chosen and thought about.  You need to choose the correct supplements and use them as directed, see a doctor of course and add these great helpers which in deed supplements are helpers to reach your goals.

Choose the right supplements before and after your routine.  There are some great pre-workout and post workout supplements.  We of course have the best for your desired goals.  Muscle building workouts can be and usually are challenging.  More challenging than walking that’s for sure.  So stoke your engine (body) and replenish it with the right muscle building or fat burning supplements.  Do your homework.  We at MuscleXtreme Supplements love to say that “this is all you need”.  Why ?  Because there are thousands of products out there and all they do is confuse, frustrate and make you broke.  So, we focused on nothing but R-E-S-U-L-T-S !!!  Plane and simple.  So, thinking long and hard on our muscle building formulations truly is what we focus on.  Nothing more.  Rest assure that we have you covered and you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Back to the muscle building routine – we all have to think about our day, plan our meals ahead of time and add the right supplements for the right time during the day.  Do not miss the importance of this.  Your muscle building routine is essential.  The routine you pick as a muscle building workout and the muscle building diet and supplementation.  They all go hand in hand like legs for a table.  Take a leg out and the table wobbles and falls.  So can you if you do not implement the routine for building muscle or even losing fat or whatever goal you have.  You can do it, we know you can with the right help and “helpers” you can achieve and succeed my friend.


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Ray Lewis can’t use it but you can. Deer antler spray hGH/Human growth hormone

Yes, you can use something that the NFL considers a banned performance enhancing substance that gives NFL players an edge on their competitors.  Why ?  Doctors say there is no proof that it works.  So why does the NFL ban it ?  Confusing right ?  Who do believe  ?  Well let me tell you something, the NFL would not spend the time nor money to even research all substances that give any edge to their players.  Mr. Lewis from the Ravens has been accused of using “Deer antler spray” to speed up the healing process for his triceps.  This is one of the benefits of using an HGH / human growth hormone stimulator.  It speeds up healing which means if applied correctly may speed up recovery from your workouts similar to the effects of peptides.  It also may cut cortisol which is a stress hormone and wreaks havoc on your immune system and overall health and recovery.  So, we are just letting you know that we carry this NFL banned substance which includes way more than just Deer antler.  Go here and read more details about this awesome product GHX which contains deer velvet antler :  http://muscleextreme.com/ghx-hgh-stimulator

You will totally see the difference between us and those other guys in what we have to offer in the way of human growth hormone stimulants.  Ours is a secretagogue and super absorbs under the tongue which makes a giant difference in absorption over any other oral capsule and tablet.  Those succumb to the acids in your stomach and have little or no survival rate.  You really need to understand the importance of absorption.

So, since Mr. lewis can’t use it, but you can for the big game.  You can use it for every day use and work out recoveries, growth, fat loss, cuts, strength, rejuvenation and overall health and well being for your sports performance and enhancing protocol.    We want you to look and feel good year round and for life.  That’s what this is all about.  Good health and well being.  When you feel good, positive things happen around you.  The energy you carry within comes out and effects those who come cross paths.  Living a life filled with positivity does make a difference.  So, with that know that Muscle Xtreme Supplements is here to support and back you up with that great energy flow.  We are here to give you that edge.  We do it safely and sanely witout causing any side effects. Our products stack really well with prohormones as well. It is too bad that the NFL surrounds itself with doctors who do not have the knowledge or practice long term health and long term safety.  They rather subscribe to the prescription drugs in which the players get addicted to and offer way more side effects than a mere deer antler spray.  Mr. Lewis has the right idea.  Its a shame he can’t use what you can free and clear.

Click on the link above and you will see all of the benefits.  Buy it today for your fast recovery to your injuries and workouts.  It’s worth it.

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Setting fitness goals – The things you should ask yourself before pursuing a health and fitness goal.

What is your goal for health and fitness ?

Do you want 1/2 inch added to your arms ?  Do you want a six pack ?  Do you want to build strength, become faster, or just look and feel good all around.  These are the questions you should have answers to when pursuing any fitness goal.


Seems simple right ?  Well, you’d be surprised on the amount of people who just walk into a gym without a notebook in their gym bag.  Yes, a note book…oh and a pen.   Why ?  If you know what you are going to do in the gym then you have a plan.  Those who don’t plan, plan to fail.  Spinning your wheels blindly and not know why you’re not progressing.  This is something over 90% of trainees never do nor consider.  Having your workout plan in your notebook so that you can check it and use it as a measuring stick to your progress or lack of.


You can draw a simple chart with  –  Exercise / weight / sets / reps    All in straight top to bottom columns.


It’s that simple.  Each week you should plan your workouts according to your goals.  You should know the difference between working out for muscle building vs. burning fat and getting cut.  Also the type of diet you should be following for each goal is essential.



Stop spinning your wheels, shooting in the dark, wasting valuable time just guessing and half ass-ing your workout.  You should always have a plan.  This is why 80% of people who try a new plan fail after a few weeks and blame the plan or product etc.  But guess what, if you don’t apply it correctly or take the product correctly you will fall short of your goals.  Just like in life, you must apply it correclty.  So do yourself a favor and plan ahead.  This all seems so easy and common sense right ?  Then as Nike says Just do it.

With that being said, we would like to help you with your goals and goal setting

Go to our “What is your goal” section at www.muscleextreme.com and choose your goal.  We fit a product to a goal and make it super easy for you to get it and go.  This really is fast and easy.  We spell it out for you.  What else do you need, but for us to help you with making a fast easy decision.  Remember, these products are all you need, period, guaranteed. It’s bodybuilding made easy.

Holiday over eating habits to avoid feeling guilty.

It’s easy to let loose and let yourself go a little bit during the holidays.  Which is fine with us, we’re all human and why not let loose a little ?  Since everyone else is doing it why not you who keeps fit all year round.  But, there is a butt perhaps a bigger butt than you intended to have for letting loose too much.

Sure, have that forbidden snack or treat.  But remember, you’re stronger than giving in too,too much in the celebrations.  Cause there are parties all over and a little here and a little there will and can catch up on your butt and waste line.  Egg nog, fruit cakes, cup cakes, pies, alcohol, and BAM it’s 5 to 15 pounds added to where you were a month ago.  So why the heads up warnings ?  Well, ya see we’ve been there.  The feelings of joy and having the holiday spirit is great to be involved in.  But we know deep down inside you will regret even just a little bit that you let go of all your restrictions.  Ya see, we know we’re a bit more obsessed than most folks who do not workout as much and watch the diet 24/7.  Again, don’t get us wrong we love to party.  We love being part of the holidays.  But this specific warning is about avoid regret, guilt, shame, feeling blah and just unhealthy.  We all experience it, we all kick our selves for going too far with the holiday diet.  All in moderation and you can still have your cake (a little taste) and eat it too.  Never forgetting that we should always give our selves permission to indulge in the dessert table and goodies that your mom makes.  Come on we’re not robots.  We just know that the guilty feelings will creep in.  So this post is to avoid the guilt trips in your head.  Avoid them because those feelings will end up “eating” you and how the heck can you let loose and have fun then ?  Accept the fact that during the holidays there will be delays and temptations.  But don’t go off the deep end.  Why do you think everyone makes new year resolutions to have them quit within the first 3 weeks of the new year ?

Go here for some good advice:  http://muscleextreme.com/ener-g-extreme-energy-supplement/

They all hit the gym and hit it harder than ever.  Some of that extra energy is because not aonly are they trying to shed those extra holiday pounds, but they’re trying to shed that guilt feeling they have inside which is eating them at the time.  Don’t get yourself in that situation.  Avoid that guilt feeling.  Avoid the kick your butt in the gym cause you feel guilty workout.  Health and well-being is just that a state of “well-being”.  That is a sense of confidence, and stable mind, heart and healthy soul.  The confidence you have worked so hard through out the year cannot be let go of for a few mere weeks cause you stuffed your face from a sign of weakness.  Your health and well being is much more about long term goals and long term health.  Your health focus is more about how good it makes you feel inside and out.  The reflection of your self esteem shows outside.  So with all of this said, go ahead and have a great holiday season.  Have fun inside and out of yourself and the gym.  You know what to not eat and how much you should not eat.  So avoid the state of beating yourself up.  Avoid the guilty and empty feeling.  Avoid all of those negative feelings that may come if you over do it.  Just know yourself and feed your body properly, responsibly, and always create that balance in your life during the holidays.   Have fun, enjoy, eat, laugh, workout, create self confidence and avoid the negative thoughts that create mega workout sessions in january.  Just do what you do with just a little bit of extra jingle bells.  Have a great holiday season.  M-Xmas from MuscleXtreme !!