About Us

Our Commitment to you

The fact is that MuscleXtreme was founded with one thing in mind and one thing only.  RESULTS ! We are driven to develop and produce result producing performance enhancing supplements. 

We only carry what you need to attain the type of body and goals you’re after.  We do not waste your time or money on fads and empty promises.  You are the ones we work hard for.  You are the ones who have made us who we are since 1999.  Results speak louder than words, and your results have spoken.
We are proud to deliver cutting edge absorption technology that goes against the grain of the industry.  Imagine a supplement that actually does what it was designed to do in the real world ?  You don’t live in a lab, you live in the real world.  Our products are designed for real world scenarios and real world people who train hard and who are dedicated to their bodies and their goals.
We work out just like you and we know where you’re coming from.  We know what you want in a supplement.  We have been there, and are there now right along with you.  We all work out, we all take our own products so we know what we’re talking about.
Trust comes with results.  We have very loyal customers who have been with us since the beginning.  For them and for you who may be new to us, we thank you.  We are here to help you achieve a better you.  We are here to push you further.  We are here to give you only one thing and one thing only…results.
From all of us at MuscleXtreme headquarters.
Thank you
Xtreme since 1999